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Nevada Governor Declares “State of Emergency” Over Depleted Marijuana Supply


Originally appeared on Merry Jane.

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Nevada dispensaries have sold so much recreational marijuana since the launch of the state’s early sales program that they are actually running out of product. This unexpected shortage of the mighty green has forced Governor Brian Sandoval to issue a “Statement of Emergency,” according to a recent report from the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Last Friday, the governor signed off on emergency regulations brought forward by the Department of Taxation that would put more distributors to work in an effort to remedy the state’s untimely depletion of retail marijuana.

Only around 50 dispensaries have been given permission to temporarily sell recreational weed while the state works out the regulatory affairs of the fully legal market set to launch in 2018. But because of a legal debacle that gives the state’s alcohol wholesalers exclusive rights to the distribution of recreational reefer, none of the dispensaries can legally restock their own shelves.

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