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Texas Lawmaker Uses Special Session to Reintroduce Medical Marijuana Bill


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One Texas lawmaker is taking advantage of a special session to resurrect the medical marijuana debate.

Last week, Governor Gregg Abbott sent out a legislative “bat signal” to state lawmakers forcing them to return to Austin on July 18 for a month long special session. The situation, which, according to ABC-affiliate KVUE, came as no surprise to all parties involved, prompted Representative Eddie Lucio III to show up this week packing a proposal aimed at establishing a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

“My staff and I are ready to consider and vote on all bills during this Special Session,” Lucio III said in a Facebook post on Monday.

“But I believe there are just as important items that must be addressed in our state, so important that I too have filed a bill crucial to so many people across the state and across our nation,” he added.

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