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Content Creep is always on the prowl for writers, journalists and otherwise questionable members of uncivil society to pen original features and daily news pieces on a variety of topics for our astute clientele.

Boozehounds, stoners, wild-eyed sex fiends and all around abrasive products of the failed American dream are encouraged to apply. But before you do, the Creep needs to make a few details perfectly clear.

First of all, if you’re applying because you believe this gig is an easy living, think again. “The Creep” is going to work you like a borrowed mule, requesting only the highest quality articles with some of the strictest deadlines in the business. Not only that, but the pay sucks and our editors will probably treat you like a second-class citizen. But hey, your work will have a chance at being published in some of the largest, most well-respected publications and websites in the world, which, in turn, could inspire people in random places to buy you drinks, give you free weed and hell, you might even get laid more. But don’t get ahead of yourself there, hotshot. These are the accolades of legends!

Do you really have what it takes? Let “The Creep” be the judge.

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